The origin of the group goes back to the year 1929, when Aloyse Wagner (the grandfather) creates an electricity company.


Paul Wagner takes charge of the business in Troisvierges. Very quickly, the company conquers its nobility by proposing innovative solutions and superior quality.


A new impetus In order to benefit from a central location and all the communication facilities related to this situation, Aloyse Wagner, grandson of the founder, organizes the transfer of activities to Gasperich.


Aloyse Wagner launches CTTL which specializes in the installation of telecommunication products, security systems and computer networks. CTTL will be the first company within the group to be labeled under WAGNER TECH and WAGNER ICT.


The group expands its telecommunication business and launches the first mobile service provider in Luxembourg: CMD (Communication Mobile Digitale)


The group is diversifying towards the real estate market by realizing real estate promotions within the office market. WAGNER Real Estate was born.


The 4th generation, Tom Wagner and Jerry Wagner join the group to help the development of activities and thus continue together with Aloyse Wagner the expansion in the domestic market as well as in international markets.


The expansion of WAGNER ICT is done with the launch of European Data Hub, a Tier IV data center located in the heart of Luxembourg.


Pedro Oliveira, a long-time collaborator, joins the Group as Managing Director to expand WAGNER TECH into a single point of contact for all building techniques.


The group's latest expansion is that of CMD.solutions, which is aimed at SMEs in the national market and is the "one-stop-shop for IT needs" of Luxembourg SMEs. David Celis, an expert in the ICT field, joined the group in 2017 as Associate Director, boosting the growth of WAGNER ICT.